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About us

XAN-MAX company was founded in 2014, but the idea alone started already in 2010. Soon we started working on XAN-MAX project, from the designing of the trade mark to the definition of all other parameters which enable us the easiest and the best working model. We cooperate with the best team of marketing professionals and medical experts that are the core of XAN-MAX trademark.

Our primary goal and strategy is to offer the best product to our customers without any fine print. Our product is definitely unique and truly 100% natural. XAN-MAX is a product of excellence and one of the best products on the market in the field of preventive health industry.

The vision of XAN-MAX Company is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers and distributors of XAN-MAX Mangosteen Juice, with our main guideline being the guarantee of the highest standards for the end consumer.

Our slogan is:


More than 2000 scientific studies on mangosteen are the proof that this is the product with promising perspective for the future. More than 150 years ago the first research was done and a lot has changed since then in this field, as have the scientific researches in the past 30 years shown that this is a fruit that is becoming a global success due to its actual effect, which simply gives more than excellent results.

We definitely have one of the best products in the world that we stand by, as has shown by the analyses performed in numerous national institutes all over the world. However, our satisfied customers and their positive reaction to the XAN-MAX are the fulfillment of our desires. Join us.

Miran Blatnik, CEO

XAN-MAX, trgovina in storitve, d.o.o.
Oblakova 32,
3000 Celje

Tax number: SI13846493
Registration number: 6760317000
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